Diploma in Pharmacy

"A pharmacist's head is always on a swivel and our ears are always open" - Richard Waithe
If you are interested in utilising your knowledge of chemistry and associating it with medical sciences to research and produce medications and drugs, then a Diploma in Pharmacy is a program you should consider to pursue. After completing the program, you can apply for multiple roles ranging from being a pharmacist to a research executive to a pathological lab scientist. Considering the existing and emerging illnesses, there is a need for graduates in pharmacy to research and develop more efficient medicines and help all forms of life live a better and longer life.
No. of Seats: 150

You are a great fit for the Industry if you:-

  • Are interested in research and development
  • Have a creative mind and would like to experiment and drive innovations
  • Have a stronghold over Chemistry and would like to integrate that with medical sciences