Entrepreneurial Mindset

Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University aims to equip those who have the skill and desire to set up their own enterprise. The University will provide training, exposure and support to these ingenious minds through various associations and partnerships. DSEU aspires to create a learning space for those with intellect and interest in entrepreneurship. Moreover, as the name suggests, Entrepreneurship is one integral part of the University’s vision and mission. The University will focus on making the youth capable and skilful, with students choosing whether they want to find a job or offer jobs to others and become self-sufficient.

Starting with the 4th semester, DSEU will offer courses that inculcate an entrepreneurial mindset within students. The objective is that this mindset will be carried forward by the students to their respective institutions as either intrapreneurs or entrepreneurs. The initial modules will cover topics such as:

  1. Critical thinking for creative and innovative approaches to problem solving
  2. Exploring one’s own capacity, competency and motivation to be entrepreneurial
  3. Focusing on goal-attainment and learning to take risks that lead to value creation
  4. Recognising opportunities, learning tools to think ‘out-of-box’ and building multiple ideas to solve one problem
  5. Design thinking and prototyping skills
  6. Learning from mistakes and pivoting ideas based on those learnings
  7. Building collaborative skills and learning communication skills

In subsequent modules, the course will focus on how to convert ideas into sustainable ventures in collaboration with industry partners. The modules will cover topics such as business modelling, brand communication, financial forecast, resource planning, product development and pricing strategy with the objective of building a minimum viable product. At the end of the course, students will present a final prototype of their product and business solutions to a panel of industry and domain experts. The program also intends to celebrate early champions leading to more students looking at entrepreneurship as an alternate career option.