Fashion Design and Technology

I don’t design clothes, I design dreams – Ralph Lauren
A Fashion Design Diploma will train you to transform your ideas into practice. This course will assist you in acquiring all of the requisite design skills such as high imagination, excellent drawing abilities, and good visualization skills, which will make it easier for you to find work in the Fashion Design industry. Fashion Design is much more than clothes and trends; it incorporates shoes, handbags, footwear, and much more and this course will help students to find their own niche in this ever evolving industry. It is a specialization course that will cover a wide range of fabrics, designs, patterns, colours, and trends that together establish trends by combining all of these aspects.
No. of Seats: 14

You are a great fit for the Fashion Industry if you:-

  • Seek an interest in the latest fashion trends and fashion shows.
  • Possess an ability to work with fabrics and designs.
  • Have a bent towards art, aesthetics and the fashion world.
  • Possess a creative edge and the ability for conceptualization and visualisation.