In today’s changing times, campus placements hold an even greater importance for students. Widespread competition and fewer choices make it even more difficult to tap the right opportunities. Campus placements, therefore, provide the students with a foot-in- the-door, enabling them to start off their career right after they have completed their course curriculum. Furthermore, they get to interact and engage with the industry professionals during the placement drives, which further help lay a foundation for their prospective career in the future as they familiarise with potential contacts from their chosen career field. DSEU campuses over the last 6 months have organised more than 100 campus placement drives where companies like Maruti, Bajaj Motors, LG, Sony, Infosys, Wipro, Deloitte and many others have participated and more than 2500 offers were made for placement. DSEU also organised a 3-day Job Utsav in the month of May where more than 26 companies, 1600 students participated and 1490 offers were rolled, below mentioned is the highlight of the 2021-22 placements.

  • 2553 offers rolled till now through different placement activities
  • 1063 students have got placement through various campus drives
  • 1490 offers were rolled out in the 3 day Job Utsav
  • Companies like Maruti, New Allenberry and Bajaj has taken more than 200 students from different campuses
  • 94% interested students from B.Tech program got campus placements.
  • Placement for all the interested student is the ultimate objective of the university