School of Languages

Breaking global language barriers through the power of communication is the next revolution in the world. The School of Languages at Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University intends to promote the learning of different languages to break these barriers and bring the world closer. Language learning at DSEU is embedded in strong communication, cultural, political, and social understanding of different linguistic contexts. The School provides students and professionals with the right tools to improve their hold over languages enabling them to harness their international career and professional development. The Foreign language courses are designed and anchored keeping in view the international regulations and standards. A bachelor’s in a foreign language will not only open a plethora of job opportunities for students like translators, instructors, cultural trainers, jobs at international organizations and foreign missions but will also encourage them to prepare for higher education or work opportunities abroad. The School is currently offering a The school will help students meet the needs of industry and academia, providing the opportunity to engage in current and emerging challenges in the business environment.