School of Employability and Holistic Development

Employability and Holistic Development School is designed to equip students, studying at the university across all courses, with the skills that would make them employable. The School will prepare students with an array of life skills like critical thinking, problem solving, ethics and digital and communication skills to enable them to face the world confidently. The goal will be that each student will develop the adaptability and agility required to work in the constantly changing industry/world environment. The faculty in this school undertakes research and develops programmes to understand and develop the best practices in imparting such skills at scale. Research on pedagogical tools and its effectiveness is a part of the mandate of this school. Regular training of faculty of other schools of DSEU in effective methodology to make such skills a part of their own teaching is a feature of this school. Faculty and trainers with a keen passion to explore 21st century skills and incorporating them in every aspect of the University’s offering are part of this school.