Research on Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship symbolises ‘business perseverance’ and ‘achievement’. It is an important part of any economy because it is a source of development of all the facets of the society. In times of globalisation, with the country adapting to it, the youth is inclined more towards seeking job employment through setting up their own start-ups. The youth should be guided to set up their own businesses in future and not be dependent on employment opportunities.

Tremendous research has happened in the area of Entrepreneurship, both in India and abroad. Many researchers and practitioners have extensively written about entrepreneurship and opened new avenues in the understanding and practice of the concept. The first woman entrepreneur of India Ms. Kalpana Saroj, Mr. Saras Sarasvathy & Mr. S Venkataraman of Darden School of Business, University of Virginia, Mr. Vishal Gupta from the University of Alabama, and Mr. Suresh Bhagvatulah and Mr. K Kumar of IIM Bangalore are few writers who have done path breaking research on developing an understanding of entrepreneurship research in India. The Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University understands that for an overall development of modern curriculum and to provide the best opportunities to the youth, focus should be made on research to understand the existing gaps and bridge them with the help of innovation.