Consultancy constitutes an important activity in any University, as it provides wide exposure to real-life problems which require solutions in specific time frames. Consultancy assignments are professionally enriching and helps in improving the quality of teaching, learning and research and development of the faculty. We believe through consultancy provided by faculty DSEU cannot only address the problems of the Industry but also Society at large, through technological solutions and decisions aimed at corrective measures. 
Consultancy is one way in which it opens the door for academia-industry interaction, state of art research, enriching the experience of staff, and upgrading the facilities of the Institution.

Our faculty have been involved in consultancy assignments and we invite industry to bring some of their problems to us. Some examples are

  • Conduct of trade test provided by Abscissa by Chemical Department, GND Rohini.
  • DST Sponsored the project on Development of IoT based hybrid navigation module for mid-sized autonomous vehicles”