Resources for Startups and Entrepreneurs

The University shall support and nurture entrepreneurs and provide quality mentorship to steer the entrepreneurial journeys of those interested, by providing incubation, and constant support. DSEU currently has 2 campuses with incubation centres namely, Bhai Parmanand DSEU Shakarpur campus (formerly known as Bhai Parmanand Institute of Business Studies) and DSEU Okhla: II campus (also known as Delhi Institute of Tool Engineering, Okhla).

Bhai Parmanand DSEU Shakarpur campus provides incubation support to start-ups focused on solving local or national problems through entrepreneurial initiatives. The campus has a very transparent and stringent evaluation process for shortlisting new startups. The shortlisted startups are finally put into incubation for a certain period to grow into successful enterprises.

DSEU Okhla: II campus’ Innovation and Incubation Foundation (IIF) helps nurture startups and allows innovation of business models using creative thinking and problem solving techniques. It provides for facilities such as co-working spaces, mentorships, consultancies, and provision of seed funding against equity. DSEU through its various courses is making an effort to integrate skills and values, focusing on creating an entrepreneurship mindset for the students. The courses are futuristic because they are designed together with the industries by emphasising on the hiring requirements and industry needs. To encourage the students to take up productive work, instil creativity, imagination, to establish an involvement of the students into the economic problems. Providing an entrepreneurial environment of learning and growth. Imbibing the skills of leadership into students.