Even Cargo

Even Cargo is India’s first only women-driven logistics last-mile delivery company. Established in 2016, Even Cargo is on a mission to increase women’s workforce participation rate in India while challenging the existing gender norms and enabling women to reclaim their share of space in public places. Even Cargo identifies girls from resource-poor communities who have less social mobility and opportunities to grow. Based on their assessment, a skill matrix of each woman is developed. They are then skilled in road directions, logistics, self-defense, and communication to enter the formal sector of last-mile logistics Through this partnership, Even Cargo will assist the university  to diversify and enhance the participation of students in e-commerce, logistics & supply chain programmes. Together, DSEU & Even cargo will ensure skill development, capacity building and increased participation of women in the logistics and transport sector. In addition to developing curriculum, providing internship & placement support – Even cargo would also provide exposure through industrial settlements, workshops etc.