Earth Day

On the Earth Day (22nd April 2022), the DSEU Dwarka campus organised on competition of “Waste to Wonder” along with the drive to collect “Single use plastic residue” from the campus. Total of 15 teams comprising of two students each participated with much vigour in the Waste to Wonder competition. Students used discarded cups, plastic bottles, plastic bowls, newspapers, old battery, and mangled laptop charger to create pen stands, bird feeders, paper basket, tray, coconut shell planters, wall hangings, water dispenser and vacuum cleaner. Out of all the innovative ideas of the students, 1st best idea was of B.Sc MLT- Ist year students (Khushi Kumar & Shailesh Gupta); , 2nd best idea was of B.Sc MLT-Ist year students (Divya & Akanksha); 3rd best idea was of BBA BFSI- Ist year students (Nibha Kumari & Ashmita) and one consolation prize to DMLT-IInd year students (Rohit sharma & Kavita).