Stories of Success

Skills are a part of our everyday life, a task performed with precision and skill is a task performed well. Here are a couple of stories
Ms. Ambara Singh

My passion to learn art and design led me to enrol in a four-year degree programme at the Indian Institute of Craft and Design in Jaipur. The journey of exploring the different kinds of art & craft, methods, history, connecting with people from different cultures across the country has completely changed my outlook on life. My experience of working with various craft-clusters has made a more empathetic and considerate individual.
With my skills and hard work, I have had experience of working with big brands such Gulmohar Lane, FabIndia and many more. But one of my most memorable experiences of work has been on the Tribal Arts of India. I have worked with many NGOs, art-clusters in places like Maharashtra, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Assam.
Today, I am a Merchandiser and Designer at FabIndia and I love what I do and it keeps me going. Working with my hands made me realise that art is about understanding the history, the emotions attached, exploring work of other artists, connecting with real people and learning through practice.

-- Ms. Ambara Singh

Since childhood we were told to choose a conventional and more stable career path, choosing a skill based career path wasn’t easy at all. Being a keen learner to pursue my career in Hospitality, I wasn’t aware about the opportunities on my way until I got into Taj Swarna as an apprentice. During the apprenticeship, I realised the importance of soft skills, right attitude and communication prowess. The whole grinding process was necessary to grab industry experience, which most students lag nowadays

-- Mr. Gautam Arora
Mr. Gautam Arora
Mr. Jagroop Singh

Becoming a chef at a prestigious hotel chain seems like a dream right? Yes, it did to me as well. I chose to pursue a career in the Hospitality industry while learning the basics. I got an apprenticeship opportunity at Taj Swarna. I cannot express how it molded my skills and carved them to a perfect extent. For overall growth, it taught me to value communication skills, leadership skills, and the importance of a positive mindset. I have learned working even under pressure, and every day is a challenge but the good part is I am always ready for this. No classroom can teach this, I am grateful that I chose to hustle for what I wanted to learn.

-- Mr. Jagroop Singh