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Prof. (Dr.) Neharika Vohra

I love plants and flowers. Over the last ten years I have been creating a beautiful garden which is a source of joy to myself, my friends, and family. I use my skills at gardening to destress myself and grow gifts for all my friends.

-- Prof. (Dr.) Neharika Vohra

I fundamentally believe that each individual must have one skill with which he or she is able to earn a livelihood for life. It could range from anything between moulding an earthen pot to drawing a digital sketch. I found my calling in making ‘maps’. I formally learnt cartography as part of my ‘Urban Planning’ course, and have used this skill of representing information on maps in varied domains such as planning for water networking, waste management and even education. Looking at urban challenges spatially gives a whole new perspective towards understanding of the problem and helps in resolving them. There is a certain joy in making a map, drawing each line, attaching the right information or attribute to each entity and even choosing the colours to represent items; it is a sheer joy! And only when you can find joy in your skill is when you will be able to make a truly inspiring product.

-- Aditya
Ms. Arushi Singh

I love how a camera makes it possible for us to capture precious and significant moments in life. I have always enjoyed clicking photographs and the feeling of holding a developed film in my hands. I discovered my passion for photography during my first year of undergrad. With practise and guidance from my college senior, I was able to polish and refine my skill of photography, which not only made me a better photographer but also made me able enough to lead my college’s Film and Photography Club.

-- Ms. Arushi Singh

Despite my expertise in Mechanical Engineering, when it came to realising my dream of developing a car, I was baffled. It took the integration of my knowledge, the skills of my hands and the dedication of my soul to bring my dream to reality. Apart from proficiency, my hands-on abilities yielded patience and leadership traits in me, qualities no books ever could have.

-- Mr. Vismit Gupta
Mr. Vismit Gupta
Prof. (Dr.) Neharika Vohra

It was the summer of 1998. I was studying in Canada and I was very low on money. My advisor was taking the summer off so I could not be his research or teaching assistant. I was wondering what I could do? I used my skill of teaching to offer a course on cross-cultural psychology to undergraduate students. Until that summer this course had never been offered at my university. I got permission to teach the course from the department. Not only did I make enough money to tide over the summer. I had an exciting summer learning, developing, and teaching the course. I also got so interested in the topic that some of that work became the basis of my doctoral work.

-- Prof. (Dr.) Neharika Vohra

I often heard about the importance of skills and the right attitude to make things work, and always wondered if I am also skilled like that, in a way that makes me special. Before me, my mentors realised my super skill to be the power to draw inferences. I had a quick eye to look at data and catch patterns, draw inferences and make suggestions based on my analysis. To strengthen the skill I did some online MOOC courses also to aid it further. Data analysis, interpretation, inference are parts of work which I love and excel at. And they make me love my work, all the more, and be more productive at work. It might seem a strictly professional skill, but I feel this success also translated to my personal life as being able to analyse situations better makes you more confident and a better communicator, data driven.

-- Kaveri Malik
Kaveri Malik