M. Tech. (Mechanical Engineering – Thermal/Production/Design)

Pursuing Master’s in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Thermal /Production / Design, will not only help students gain additional knowledge of their field but also provide them with more exposure and the opportunity to work on projects and drive innovations, which will in turn help them inculcate an entrepreneurial mindset. Students will also gain industry exposure, learn from traditional methods, and have an opportunity to develop new technologies, understand new advancements and explore their application. On completing their Masters in Mechanical Engineering, students will work in industries related to power production, manufacturing, automotive, etc.
No. of Seats: 22

Curriculum Advisory Group

In line with the mission and vision of DSEU to create industry relevant courses the Curriculum Advisory Group (CAG) is a mix of passionate educators and subject matter experts from academics and industry. There is a unique CAG for each of the bachelors and masters level courses. The CAG has analyzed the conceptual needs of the course as well as the employability needs and entrepreneurial opportunities offered to the students by the course. Based on their analysis the CAG has developed the program structure, selected the courses to be included, designed the syllabus, suggested the pedagogical approach, outlined the contours of the assessment, suggested modes of and the nature of industry interactions, and aspects of internships and apprenticeships offered in the course.

Dr. Anurag Dixit

Head,MAE (Chairperson) CRC Assistant Professor, MAE

G B Pant DSEU Okhla-1 Campus

Mr. Jitendra Kumar

Convener Assistant Professor, MAE

G B Pant DSEU Okhla-1 Campus

Prof. A.K. Chanda

Member Professor, MAE

G B Pant DSEU Okhla-1 Campus

Dr. Rishu Sharma

Member Assistant Professor, MAE

G B Pant DSEU Okhla-1 Campus

Prof. Satish Chand

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi

Mr. Ankit Jain

Dy. Manager

BHEL Haridwar