Deepali holds a Diploma in Computer Engineering from Kasturba Polytechnic for Women, now known as DSEU Pitampura Campus. Immediately after graduation she worked part time in Kasturba Polytechnic for Women for three years as a  Technical Assistant. She was appointed as a Senior Technical Assistant at DRDO in 2015.

The knowledge she gained during the 3-year diploma helped her achieve a position at DRDO as STA-B without any need of additional preparation. She said the entrance syllabus was mostly covered during the diploma and having a strong hold on the theoretical as well as practical aspects, the whole application process was easy for her.

With 8 years of experience, she is currently working as a Technical Officer in DRDO. A diploma is a good opportunity for students who aspire to acquire technical education and wish to start working early in their lives. The 3-year course will make you ready to work in the sector. Opportunities are available in both public and private sector organisations like DRDO, DMRC (as a junior engineer) and various MNCs.

She emphasised on students working hard to strengthen their fundamentals and getting hands-on experience. With time, enhanced experience will surely help to grow and succeed in the field. For students seeking admission to Diploma courses at DSEU, her message is to not second guess the value of the diploma course. Pursuing a diploma after Class 10th, will give you the added advantage that you will have relevant skills and will be ready to join the market after 3 years. Moreover, if the student wants to, they can always pursue higher education.