Bhawani Shah

Mr. Bhawani Shah completed Diploma in Computer Engineering from Guru Nanak Dev Polytechnic, now known as DSEU Rohini Campus. He started his career in networking and later switched to Business Administration. Mr. Shah holds good knowledge of networking, communication concepts, and operating systems. According to him, a degree is necessary to find a job but skills are a must to perform and get expected success. “Keep learning new concepts to increase domain knowledge and remain curious to take new responsibilities”.

At DSEU, students will have the advantage to get associated with a full fledged University, rather than just one college. To acquire technical knowledge either after the 10th standard or the 12th standard, DSEU can prove to be more beneficial in the future and can give you better education in an affordable manner, being a state government university. Moreover, in foreign countries, a diploma holds greater value. Finding a job after a diploma is easy. Organizations prefer relevant skills over degrees. Moreover, if students want to start their own business, the university will support them and nurture their talent.

According to him, ambitious students must pursue Diploma in Computer Engineering from Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University and remain sincere towards learning and practical knowledge. Mr. Bhawani advises students to have self belief and take new challenges.