Mansycom Consultants Pvt Ltd

Mansycom Consultants Pvt Ltd is a multidiscipline, full-service consulting engineering firm. Based in Delhi-NCR, with its rich history in comprehensive VDC technology encompassing 3D-4D-5D BIM, we specialize in offering services comprising of development of engineering models, giving various immediate benefits like:
  • Identification of missing drawings
  • Identifying and resolving clashes & discrepancies
  • Achieving optimum utilization of spaces by having walk-through
  • Resolution of constructability issues
  • Auto-generation of bill of quantities from 3D BIM model
  • 4D Simulation – Linking of project implementation schedule to 3D BIM model; easy project monitoring; up-dation of schedules etc
  • 5D Simulation – Linking of project cost to 3D BIM model; cash flow requirement