Hi-No-De Foundation & Ichishin Holdings Co. Ltd.

DSEU takes forward the legacy of India – Japan friendship by partnering with Hi-No-De Foundation and Ichishin Holdings Co. Ltd by bringing in the technical intern training programs. Learn Japanese and a skill to avail of job opportunities in Japan.

Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU), Government of National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi entered in an exclusive partnership with HI-NO-DE Foundation, jointly with Ichishin Holdings Co. Ltd. (HI-NO-DE – a duly empaneled Sending Organization) to implement the Technical Intern Training Program (T.I.T.P.) for the youths of India, specially Delhi.

India, with a vision to become the skill capital of the world, entered into this – “T.I.T.P.” agreement with Japan to transform the skill ecosystem in India by sending and accepting the youths from India to Japan thereby enabling Indian industries to imbibe the best practices of Japan. “T.I.T.P.” plays a key role in strengthening the bi-lateral relations between India and Japan. This is program is also vital for India if it seeks to reap the demographic dividends at the optimum.

The objectives of this (T.I.T.P.) program as well as DSEU match as if tailor-made for each other. DSEU has been established as a skill university and carries the mandate to skill the youths (of India) with the 21st. century skills and make them employable globally. Whereas Japan – as an already established brand in the world for advance technology, R&D, and futuristic skills, can offer to mind this gap.

The trainees who are selected to go to Japan under this (“T.I.T.P.”) program are not only assured with skills benchmarked to International Standards, would enjoy one of the highest remuneration in the world along with social security throughout their internship in Japan and also same back in India, corresponding to India scenario, after successful completion of their respective internship/s as the Japanese corporates move to invest in India.

In this partnership with HI-NO-DE, we are hopeful to train as many youths of India gradually in varied job categories open for intake under this program. We are also mindful of the fact that Japan – ‘made in Japan’ as a world brand, is very cautious on quality be it a manufactured commodity or human talent, and we, with HI-NO-DE, are committed to send the very best from India.