Elios Healthcare

About Elios Healthcare : Elios Healthcare (Elios Management Consulting Pvt Ltd.) is an action research-based management company with focus on frontier technologies,and health services founded in 2021 to give long-term solutions to organizations working in the social, digital, technological and financial sectors. With a mix of ambitious ideas and transformational technology, we help organizations innovate more sustainably, generate long-term performance gains, and build workforces that will thrive for today & tomorrow. We focus on delivering practical enduring results at both the grassroots level and the organizational levels. Our skill development mission is to fulfil the growing needs in India for skilled manpower across sectors and narrow the existing gap between the demand and supply of skills. There is a compelling need to launch a world-class skill development program in a mission mode that will address the challenge of imparting the skills required by a growing economy. The mission’s structure and leadership must be such that the program can be scaled up quickly to cover the whole country. Elios Health care has also developed its online skilling platform (LMS), DG Skills (https://dgskills.org), to provide uninterrupted skilling with maximum outreach. Elios Healthcare is working on a project for a special workforce development program for the ESDM (Electronics System Design Manufacturing) sector in association with Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU), and FITT, IIT Delhi. To skill urban and rural youth of ITIs, Polytechnics, B. tech, and M. tech trade of Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation, IT, CS, and Mechatronics by providing a 14-day training program through the IIT Delhi certified trainers to improve the employability of unemployed youth and to fulfil the requirements of proficient manpower for the industries of emerging ESDM sector. Elios Healthcare aims to skill 1 Lakh of Human resources in 3 years to fulfil the requirement of proficient manpower in the ESDM sector. This programme will be implemented through the Centre of Excellence in Agriculture at DSEU Okhla Campus II based on the needs of the programme and the demand of students and young people. In this manner, the industries will acquire the workforce they require in this area. In the next three years, the demand in the ESDM sector from industries is projected to be approximately 32 lakhs.