Message from Vice-Chancellor


Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University

Welcome to the Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University…

One of the most significant steps in the history of evolution was the development of the human hand. The human hand with its long dexterous fingers and opposable thumb gives it flexibility, ability to feel and communicate. The human hand is linked to the discovery of stone tools 2.6 million years ago. The stone tools made by the hand made it possible for humans to survive. The use of hands are linked inextricably to the development of the mind.

Skilled men and women who can use their hands, bodies and mind in an integrated way are at the heart of all societies. Skills today do not represent just what is done with the hands; it is the ability to do something well. Be that something be writing, singing, welding or flying. The Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University will focus on the fine-tuning of skills required for a variety of tasks and also the development of social structures.

We at the university invite all stakeholders-students, teachers, parents, industry, and government to join in this movement towards learning, teaching, encouraging, paying for, and prioritising skill learning and its development.

Millions of years ago stone tools were made by humans to save themselves and make their own lives easier. Skilled people are entrepreneurial at heart. What they know and do well can become the means for their livelihood. Thus at DSEU we hope to imbibe the spirit of confidence while learning a skill and encourage people to create opportunities to improve life and provide livelihoods.

— Prof. (Dr.) Neharika Vohra