Message from Hon’ble Chancellor & Lt. Governor

Sh. Anil Baijal

Hon’ble Chancellor & Lt. Governor


I am pleased to learn that The Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU) is going to begin its first academic session from August 2021 and has also launched its website to facilitate on-line dissemination of academic programs. The University was established in August 2020 by the Government of NCT of Delhi with the objective of equipping students with world-class skill-oriented education so as to enable access to emerging jobs and inculcate entrepreneurial mindset amongst them thus opening new avenues of personal and professional growth.

In present times innovation driven development and economic strategies are continuously placing new demands on the skill sector. Therefore it is important not only to forge close linkages with the industry and the government alike but also to provide vertical mobility and seamless transition of students from school and higher education to the skill stream.

To make skill education aspirational, it is essential that the course curriculum is aligned with the latest job roles not only in India but also in countries that are emerging as global hubs for employment in manufacturing and service sectors. The course on offer would need to be accredited internationally with a provision for re-skilling and re-certification to meet the fast changing demand of the economy. It will be worthwhile to set up a corpus fund to provide seed money to students for setting up ‘start ups’.

In the years to come, I foresee DSEU playing a very important role in promoting skill education. I extended my best wishes to the faculty, staff and all the aspiring students of the University in all their future endeavours.

— Sh. Anil Baijal
Hon’ble Chancellor & Lt. Governor