• Courses at DSEU have been designed to lead to a Degree.
  • All courses are to be offered as Bachelor Programs in Arts, Science, Commerce, Business Administration or any of the approved UGC degrees.
  • The courses are on skills required to provide services in various sectors.
  • All the courses are NEP compliant and encompassing the following:
    • All courses will have multiple entry and exit options.
    • An academic credit bank will be created.
    • Each student will have to choose certain credits from the various general courses available to complete their degree.
    • Hands-on, practice-based, internships, and interaction with industry will form up to 70 percent of all courses. The format of the practice will be decided based on the skill course to be offered.
  • Face the World skills: All students will be doing some courses that may be termed as ‘Core’ skills or ‘Face the World’ skills.
    • These courses will be offered across all semesters in all programs.
    • They will include English articulation and composition, digital skills, critical thinking skills, design thinking, people skills, self-awareness, abilities beyond skills (such as negotiations, collaboration etc).
  • Entrepreneurial mindset or Entrepreneurship 101 will be part of all courses.
  • All students will participate in at least two community projects
  • Assessments will be continuous and competency based
  • Courses will be in hybrid mode
  • Learning a foreign language will be an option available to all students