Diploma in Computer Engineering

"Computer science is the operating system for all innovation." - Steve Ballmer
The computer business is one of India’s fastest expanding divisions and will remain so for a long time. A diploma in Computer Engineering will help you build a solid foundation in hardware, software, operating systems, computer architecture, electrical engineering and a variety of sub-disciplines and understand its utilisation in different fields. A Diploma in Computer Engineering program covers basic topics like computer programming, operating system, networking, database, etc. After completing the program, you can work as a programmer, system analyst, or cloud architect and maintain computers for other organisations. You can even start your own IT company or work with other organisations.
No. of Seats: 264

You are a great fit for Industry if you :

  • Are curious to learn about various software
  • Would like to work in a team to develop techniques, apps and software
  • Are interested to work in providing back end support to organizations
  • Have a creative mind and would like to drive innovations