Diploma in Civil Engineering (Lateral Entry)

“Improvement makes straight roads, but the crooked roads without Improvement, are roads of Genius“ - William Blake
We are all fascinated by various tall structures we see every day, the huge ship docks, tall buildings, and many more. While an architect may only create an aesthetical design of a building, it is the job of a Civil Engineer and their team of assistants to bring that design to life. Being an assistant, you would be required to conceive the designs, undertake feasibility studies, examine the site and suggest changes in the design. The road to an idea transforming into reality will pass through you. Once the design is ready, you would also be required in managing the project, ensuring that it goes as planned. While it may seem that you are only required in the development phase of a project, it is not true. You would also be required to research extensively about new innovative ways and also be involved in the maintenance of projects, once completed. As India and the world look to boost infrastructure to provide the best possible lifestyle to everyone, jobs in this sector are ever rising and will remain in demand. The career options in this sector are endless.
No. of Seats: 48

You are a great fit for the Industry if you  :-

  • Have a creative mind and would like to bring your thoughts to reality
  • Would like to work with clients and help them meet their requirements
  • Would like to learn about various softwares and implement them for designing
  • Are interested in handling projects and managing workforce