Diploma in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

“It’s going to be interesting to see how society deals with artificial intelligence, but it will definitely be cool.” —Colin Angle
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI-ML) is a significant technological advancement, in the way computer systems learn, adapt and evolve. It is at present being widely used in practically every industry and is regarded as a revolutionary leap forward in the domain of computer science. Through this 3 years Full Time Diploma program the students will have a solid grounding in AI and ML. This program covers the topics of mathematics such as statistics, linear algebra etc; the core machine learning concepts such as supervised and unsupervised learning, data visualization tools and techniques etc. This course will provide an opportunity to gain expertise in one of the most fascinating and fast-growing areas of computer science. This program will enable the students to advance their career in the era of booming applications of AI-ML.
No. of Seats: 150

You are a great fit for Industry if you :

  • Are curious to learn about making Machines Intelligent?
  • Would like know what is Artificial Intellegence and How it can help us?
  • Are interested to work in providing back end support to organizations
  • Have a creative mind and would like to drive innovations