Diploma in Architecture (Lateral Entry)

“Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.” - Charles Eames
This course is a complete package with the integration of the basics of architecture, civil engineering and designing. Apart from the design, you will also learn about the various aspects of constructing a building, from site exploration and examination to the maintenance of the building, once it is completed. With this knowledge and skills gained, you will be able to work with clients and have multiple interactions with them. From government projects to working at a private organization, opportunities for you will be plenty. You can also work as an individual architect or have your own firm.
No. of Seats: 7

You are a great fit for this industry if you:

  • Have a creative mind and eye for detail
  • Would like to learn about different softwares and design structures
  • Would like to work with clients and manage projects based on their demands and requirements