Diploma in Applied Arts

"Fine Art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of men go together" - John Ruskin
According to Aristotle, Fine Arts is an artistic expression that may or may not address any specific aim. However, Applied Arts is the application of artistic and design principles in a practical setting which expresses technical abilities via creativity. In this program, you will learn how to create useful things which require aesthetic and ergonomic considerations. The purposeful creative interpretation of unlimited concepts is termed as Applied Arts. In Applied Arts, the processes involved cater not only to beautification but consumer needs and problem-solving through the product created. After the completion of this program, viable options for the future are academics, advertising agencies, and media houses. In the publishing or textile industries, you will be able to work in the creative divisions on print and online media, graphics, icons etc..
No. of Seats: 150

You are a great fit for the Industry if you:

  • Have the basic knowledge of drawing and painting.
  • Have a creative bent of mind and can come up with innovative ideas.
  • Have an eye for detail and perfection to look at things aesthetically beautiful.