Diploma in Emergency Medical Technology

“We do it for the life that might be saved.”

The EMT (Diploma in Emergency Medical Technology) is designed and brought together by the Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University in collaboration with Apollo Medskills. The course equips students to work as an emergency medical technician to function at the basic pre-hospital level and treat various medical trauma conditions using appropriate equipment and materials. This is a 2-year course with 6 months internship offered during both the years in leading healthcare organisations.

“When seconds count, we are there first.”

The EMT programme includes:

  • Respond to emergency calls
  • Follow evidence-based protocol while managing patients.
  • Patient triage based on the defined clinical criteria of the severity of illness
  • Manage patients with allergic reaction, poisoning or medicinal overdose
  • Manage bleeding, shock, musculoskeletal injuries, burns, injuries to head & spine
  • Collate and communicate health information
  • Size up the scene at the site
  • Assess patient at the site
  • Manage cardiovascular emergency, cerebrovascular emergency
  • Manage obstetrics/gynaecology emergencies
  • Manage infants, neonates and children
  • Handle patients with a respiratory emergency, severe abdominal pain and diabetes

The DDT (Diploma in Dialysis Technician) is designed and brought together by the Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University and Apollo Medskills. This is a 2-year course with 6 months internship offered during both the years in leading healthcare organisations.  An innovative curriculum of this programme will enable students to get requisite skills for carrying out dialysis in critical conditions such as renal dialysis, hem-dialysis. This programme will expose students to a rich avenue of opportunities as dialysis technicians in multispecialty hospitals, nursing homes, and dialysis centres.

The Dialysis Technician course involves hands on training in:

  • Maintenance & use of Dialyzer
  • Maintenance of Dialyser filter
  • Handling of R.O machine
  • Operation of Dialysis machine AIMS
  • To train students as technologists who are competent in all aspects of renal dialysis.
  • To instil in the student’s professional standards of behaviour, conduct and work attitude.

English shall be the medium of instruction for all the study subjects and examinations of the Diploma in Emergency Medicine Technology and Diploma in Dialysis Technician course under Allied Health Sciences.

After completing the course, the candidate will be able to perform the emergency lifesaving skills confidently and operate the dialysis machine with enhanced skills independently. 

About DSEU

Building on the education philosophy of thinkers such as Mahatma Gandhi and Vinoba Bhave, DSEU aims to integrate the hand, head, and heart for balanced living and engagement in lifelong learning. The focus will be on teaching self-reliance for life-long independence and the wisdom towards nurturing and valuing interdependence. The University wishes to change the existing paradigm of skilling, making skill acquisition aspirational and providing opportunities for skilling, up-skilling and reskilling. Besides, DSEU will support and nurture entrepreneurs and provide quality mentorship to steer the entrepreneurial journeys of those interested by providing incubation and constant support.

About Apollo Medskills Limited

The Apollo Group has always approached healthcare with a keen and unwavering focus on the future. Apollo Knowledge consolidates all educational institutions and links them with some of the finest minds in critical care within the Apollo ecosystem. Collaborating with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship(MSDE), Government of India initiative of the National Skill Development Corporation, Apollo MedSkills has adopted innovative teaching methodologies to make healthcare education more practically relevant. The focus is on imparting job-specific skills that will make the Indian healthcare professional a part of the much sought after global workforce. Apollo MedSkills was recognized by nationally and internationally renowned industry bodies for successfully executing projects and creating the most significant impact in healthcare skilling areas. IHW Council Silver Award awarded Apollo MedSkills in COVID Healthcare Providers for the Paramedics Training Project 2021, FICCI Gold Award for Best Capacity Building in Healthcare Skills, NSDC with the “Best Funded Partner 2017-18” award.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Minimum 50% Marks in 10+2 examination (science academic stream) with Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Merit based Admission based on Merit List.

Application Process:-

  • Call on our contact No.s/Toll Free number for FREE counselling by DSEU experts.
  • An appropriate time slot shall be allocated for a face-to-face counselling session at our campus.
  • All relevant documents are to be submitted along with the Application Form.
  • DSEU & AMSL selection committee Team will verify if the candidate is eligible for admission, and he/she will be intimated of the acceptance or rejection through the call and Email.
  • Once admission is approved, the candidate will have to pay the fee and secure admission.

Student Enrolment Process

Pre-counselling Survey → Student Counselling Test

  • Being an EMT is challenging and rewarding; this round tests whether the candidate has been oriented towards this course.
  • This test will collect a candidate’s Basic Information and test their basic knowledge regarding EMT technicians.
  • The test will also consist of a Behavioural & Aptitude questionnaire and will test a candidate’s proficiency in English.
  • Counselling by Student Relationship Managers
  • Collection of educational and eligibility documents

Career Prospects

As an Emergency Medical Technician, one can build a long-term career; the opportunities are immense as several ambulances and hospitals require skilled and qualified technicians/professionals capable of handling stressful situations. Currently, there is a shortage of skilled and qualified Emergency Medical Technicians. However, this dearth of manpower means that the scope of finding employment in the field is also high.

As a dialysis technician, one can build a long term career, the opportunities are immense as there are a number of dialysis centres and hospitals that require skilled and qualified technicians/professionals who are capable of handling stressful situations as well. Currently, there is a dearth of skilled and qualified Dialysis Technicians. However, this dearth in manpower, means that the scope of finding employment in the field is also high.

Areas of employability candidate can pursue their career after Diploma in Emergency Medical Technology-

  1. Ground Ambulance
  2. Air Ambulance
  3. Trauma Centre
  4. Multispeciality Hospitals
  5. Corporate Medical Rooms

Areas of employability candidate can pursue their career after Diploma in Dialysis Technician-

  1. Hospitals
  2. Dialysis Clinics
  3. Laboratories
  4. Multispeciality Hospitals
  5. Training Centres