BBA (Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

BBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship strives to ignite the spirit of the entrepreneur among the students and makes them ready to start their own ventures or scale up their family businesses. It helps in developing and strengthening an entrepreneurial mind-set which is critical to success. The course enables a transformative process as the students are involved in ideation, validation, development, and commercialization of entrepreneur’s innovative ideas. The course aids in comprehending moral concerns associated with business ownership and the obligation to both investors and employees It provides a strong platform to assist budding entrepreneurs to understand the various dimensions of running a business with inclusion of courses such as management of financials, accounting, marketing strategies, information systems, project management, insights into entrepreneurship through case studies, family business management and venture capital.
Note: In BBA (Innovation & Entrepreneurship) in addition to 38 seats mentioned in the table above, 30 seats will be offered to the Business Blaster Students. Vacant seat (if any) out of 30 seats will be filled through online counselling process.
No. of Seats: 38