BBA (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance)

"Adventure is the life of commerce, but caution is the life of banking." - Walter Bagehot,, British journalist & Essayist
BBA in Banking & Financial Services is designed primarily for those who want to work in the financial services industry. The program’s goal is to provide you with the skills and experience needed to advance careers in the fast-growing finance industry. By joining this program, you would be able to develop competencies in domains like accounting, law, statistics, economics, and financial markets, to name a few. With a BBA degree, with a specialization in financial services , you would be well-qualified to adapt to changes in the agile business environment and succeed as a corporate employee or an entrepreneur.
No. of Seats: 450

You are a great fit for the Banking, Financial and Insurance industry if you:

  • Have mathematical and analytical outlook and understanding.
  • Like managing multiple operations and responsibilities at the same time.
  • Cautious in matters related to money and interested in helping others manage their money.

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Industry Partners

Curriculum Advisory Group

In line with the mission and vision of DSEU to create industry relevant courses the Curriculum Advisory Group (CAG) is a mix of passionate educators and subject matter experts from academics and industry. There is a unique CAG for each of the bachelors and masters level courses. The CAG has analyzed the conceptual needs of the course as well as the employability needs and entrepreneurial opportunities offered to the students by the course. Based on their analysis the CAG has developed the program structure, selected the courses to be included, designed the syllabus, suggested the pedagogical approach, outlined the contours of the assessment, suggested modes of and the nature of industry interactions, and aspects of internships and apprenticeships offered in the course. The CAG for this course includes 8 members. For certain reasons, 3 of the members of this CAG prefer to be anonymous

Dr. S. Muralidaran

Director (Academics)

Indian Institute of Banking & Finance

Dr. Alok Malhotra

Senior Trainer and Academic Consultant


Mr. Deepak Godbole

Secretary General

Insurance Institute of India

Ms. P. Soumya

Deputy Director (Academics)

Indian Institute of Banking and Finance