B. Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)

"Science is about knowing, engineering is about doing." - Henry Petroski
A mechanical engineer is someone with the ability to bring an idea to life to make our lives easier. Pursuing your bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, you’ll be made familiar with the basics of all engineering subjects, and will also be taught the niche areas involved in the statics and dynamics of machines and other equipment.  Along with the core understanding of various subjects, you’ll also work on designing equipment on various software and their synthesis through different methods.  Upon graduation, you can apply to various sectors such as industries, logistics, planning, and many more.
No. of Seats: 66

You are a great fit for this course if you:

  • Have a creative mind and are interested in using various softwares for designing 
  • Are good at mathematics and would like to further that knowledge to complex functions
  • Have a keen observation for day-to-day equipment and wonder how to improvise them