B.Sc. (Dialysis Technology)

The B.Sc. in Dialysis Technician is designed and brought together by the Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University and Apollo Medskills. This is a 3 year course with a 12 month internship (embedded within the program) in a leading healthcare organisation. An innovative curriculum of this programme will enable students to gain requisite skills for carrying out dialysis in critical conditions such as renal dialysis, hem-dialysis etc. This programme will expose students to a variety of opportunities as dialysis technicians in multispecialty hospitals, nursing homes and dialysis centres. What does a Dialysis Technician do?
  • Maintenance & use of dialyzer
  • Maintenance of dialyser filter
  • Handling of R.O machine
  • Operation of dialysis machineAIMS/OBJECTIVES
  • To train students as technologists who are competent in all aspects of renal dialysis.
  • To train students to be responsible for maintaining equipment and inventory of supplies.
Medium of Instruction English shall be the medium of instruction for all the study subjects and examinations of B.Sc. in Dialysis Technology course under Allied Health Sciences. Program Duration – 3 years
  • Includes a one-month biology bridge course to equip students with fundamentals of human biology (class XI-XII level) to begin with.
  • 12 months of internship embedded in the program
No. of Seats: 75

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Curriculum Advisory Group

In line with the mission and vision of DSEU to create industry relevant courses the Curriculum Advisory Group (CAG) is a mix of passionate educators and subject matter experts from academics and industry. There is a unique CAG for each of the bachelors and masters level courses. The CAG has analyzed the conceptual needs of the course as well as the employability needs and entrepreneurial opportunities offered to the students by the course. Based on their analysis the CAG has developed the program structure, selected the courses to be included, designed the syllabus, suggested the pedagogical approach, outlined the contours of the assessment, suggested modes of and the nature of industry interactions, and aspects of internships and apprenticeships offered in the course.

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