B.A. (Digital Media & Design)

“Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated.” – Paul Rand

Technology has created new employment opportunities in the age of the digital revolution. As digitization continues across industries, companies across the world from start-ups to established corporations, government departments, and not-for-profits are seeking digital professionals with relevant experience. DSEU understands that both theory and knowledge of relevant tools are necessary to excel in this competitive landscape. The Digital Media and Design course at DSEU is designed to provide sound conceptual knowledge and also the necessary technical skills and creative thinking ability required to be a professional designer.

The course prepares students for careers in graphics, illustration, typography, web design, image processing, motion graphics, animation, and digital marketing. The program emphasizes creativity and innovation. Students are given a strong conceptual base by training them to work with traditional print media tools. The application of software for raster and vector image processing, illustration, animation, video and audio production, animation, digital storytelling, web design, and UI/ UX design enables them to compete in a modern digital design workplace.

The course allows students to specialize in video production and animation, web & UI/UX design, and digital marketing, to find their own niches in this ever evolving industry. There is strong emphasis on hands-on experience with the latest digital tools and industry immersion through multiple projects and internships. Lastly, the course emphasizes students to work on industry-standard portfolios that will enable them to thrive and secure lucrative opportunities.

Please Note: B.A. Digital Media and Design course contains practical trainings on various tools used in the digital design industry. Hence, the students interested in joining this course should mandatorily carry their own laptops of below mentioned configuration for effective learning experience: Processor : Core i7 (9th gen) or above RAM: 8 GB or above HDD: 512 GB or above Graphic card: 1 GB or above
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No. of Seats: 120

You are a great fit for the Course if – 

  • Have a strong bent towards arts and aesthetics.
  • Creatively engage with digital media, enjoy visuals and graphics and have strong written and oral communication skills in English.
  • Continuously keep yourself updated with evolving changes in digital media trends and technology.

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Curriculum Advisory Group

In line with the mission and vision of DSEU to create industry relevant courses the Curriculum Advisory Group (CAG) is a mix of passionate educators and subject matter experts from academics and industry. There is a unique CAG for each of the bachelors and masters level courses. The CAG has analyzed the conceptual needs of the course as well as the employability needs and entrepreneurial opportunities offered to the students by the course. Based on their analysis the CAG has developed the program structure, selected the courses to be included, designed the syllabus, suggested the pedagogical approach, outlined the contours of the assessment, suggested modes of and the nature of industry interactions, and aspects of internships and apprenticeships offered in the course. The CAG for this course includes 10 members. For certain reasons, one of the members of this CAG prefer to be anonymous

Prof. Mathew Kurien

HoD, Graphic Design

MIT Institute of Design

Mr. Vikram Kaushik

Assistant Professor

MIT Institute of Design

Tajinder J Singh

Assistant Professor

Pearl Academy

Mr. Mohd. Yaman

Diviya Jain

Suhas Bendre



Manoj Paul

Creative Director

RR Donnelly

Yarzah Khan

Senior Manager


Derek Abraham

Head, Content Services (India)


Arshiya Kapoor

Head Of Department for B.Des Fashion design & Fashion Communication

MIT Institute of Design