Visit to SEBI Office

Industry visit is an important part of professional programs run by the University. Recently, students of BBA-BFSI visited Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) Office in East Kidwai Nagar, Block-A, Near south ex metro station. The session was started at 11.00 am attended by Dr. Lata Rani along with 36 students. This visit allowed the students to see how SEBI operates on day to day basis and how they can become an informed investor and grow their money through the stock market.
We all were welcomed to the conference room of SEBI. The session presented by Mr Kunnal Visv Bharti initially delivered a short lecture on SEBI followed by a video which showed different misconception about the stock market among people if various places in India.After this we were told about SEBI its power ,function and responsibilities as a market regulator and also told about other market regulators( SEBI,RBI,NFRA,PFRDA and IRDA).Along with this, he told about the grievance redressal platform by SEBI know as SCORES where complaints can be registered. He also recommended some NISM module courses and various opportunities SEBI provides for the college students such as a resource person,smrt,etc. All the topics were related to course. All doubts and queries raised by students were solved.The conference room had a wonderful ambience and refreshement was provided at the end of session.