Visit to HDFC Bank


Place of visit: HDFC BANK SECTOR-10 Dwarka

Date: 14TH JUNE 2022


A batch of 2nd Semester students of School of BBA-BFSI along with faculty Mr. Siddharth Kumar visited HDFC bank located in sector 10 Dwarka, New Delhi. The main motive of this visit was to focus on to understand that how actually the Banking Industry works, and what as an employee or managers students are expected to do. All the students really enjoyed the visit and raised many questions. Many doubts and queries are solved and answered throughout the time. Students are explained about the types of savings accounts and the importance of each sector in banking itself. Sales is also a crucial part in Banking, students need to build customer relationship in order to improve their career in selling sector of Banking. Students are also demonstrated about the whole hiring process, and on what basis HR recruit interns and freshers and what skills they search for. Session also emphasised on banking culture and ethos required to perform banking job and its operations. This visit really helped students in representing themselves in front of Branch Manager. There are a lot of opportunities in Banking sector, and banks are in need of skilful employees. The interaction of our students with Branch Manager was really informative and it will surely help them when students will get in the practical work related to banking field.