Visit to AI Defence Symposium at Vigyan Bhawan

Report on ‘Visit to AI Defence Symposium at Vigyan Bhawan’
Title: ‘Artificial Intelligence in Defence’ (AIDef) Symposium and Exhibition, Vigyan Bhawan
Department: Computer (BCA)
Date and Time: 11 Jul 2022, 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM
Organizer (Faculty Member Name): Sh. Shashank Gupta
Chief Guest: Sh. Rajnath Singh (Defence Minister of India) along with other special dignitaries.
Number of students attendees: 69
Write up on the event:
Defence ministry organized an event on GenNext Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution on 11th, July. The event showcased the AI initiatives in Defence sector undertaken by the government in the last three years. Interactive session on AI opportunities in Defence was held along with Technology Showcase by iDEX Startups. The event featured an exhibition to showcase the cutting-edge AI-enabled solutions developed by the services, research organization and innovators.
Defence Minister Sh. Rajnath Singh and all other delegates inaugurated the event by lightning the lamp. After the warm inauguration session, Defence Secretary Sh. Ajay Kumar addressed the gathering. His speech inspired and informed the students regarding the various schemes and strategies to make our Defence self-reliant (Atmanirbhar). He also discussed about various AI enabled products that has been developed in our country for Defence sector. Thereafter, Defence Minister Shri. Rajnath Singh addressed the gathering and handed over 75 new products to our Indian army. His speech, focused on vision and mission of our country in use of AI for Defence, filled everyone with the great energy and determination.
Awards were given to the industries who are working excellently in equipping our Defence with latest technologies including AI. Awards were also given to the students from across the country for their brilliant and innovative ideas, that can be helpful for our industries and Defence.
Products Showcased/Launched Products included:
  1. Silent Sentry: Silent Sentry is a robot which is a very effective technology to monitor the borders of the country.
  2. Trishul-Remote Weapon System: It automatically sets the target with the camera mounted on the gun and the rifle hits the target accurately. A soldier does not even need to press the trigger of this gun.
  3. Mandarin Translator Device: With this portable device, earphones have to be placed in your ear and the conversation of a Chinese soldier standing five feet away can be heard in English.
  4. Sappers-Scouts: It is an unmanned vehicle that can detect landmines with the help of artificial intelligence.
  5. SVDS: Usage of Suspicious Vehicle Detection System (SVDS) enables any suspicious vehicle running on the road to be identified.
  6. Prism: The quality of any video footage can be enhanced with Proactive Real Time Intelligence and Surveillance Monitoring System
Overall, the event was very informative to students. They learnt about Defence technologies, usage of Radar to detect planes, AI and its practical applications in Defence.