Application of Machine Learning in Drone Technology by Md. Anas, CEO, Enord Ltd.

Enord, India’s First AI on edge Drone Tech Start-Up. There vision is to design & develop drones that have an AI pilot system for autonomous navigation which is capable of flying even in any confined spaces that will ultimately create ease in operating, generating insights, and taking action that does not rely on GPS. They aspire To lead Drone Industry using Autonomy & AI by 2025. They want to make the society familiar about the drones and make the community trust on drones/ Drone Friendly Community establishment. To Create Ease in the Drone industry through AI-Based Autonomy It is a Drone-Tech Start-up which is a DPIIT certified & MSME registered Start-up currently incubated at IIITD Innovation and Incubation Center and IIT Mandi Catalyst also associated with NVIDIA Inception Program.