Bootcamp for Class XII Business Blaster teams

A one-day boot camp was organised for the Business Blaster Incubatees at the Dwarka campus. The camp held a series of learning-oriented sessions to help students learn basic fundamentals of marketing, how to develop their personal brand, legal issues to consider as an entrepreneur and introduction to company formation. The workshop was led by entrepreneurs and working professionals such as Sriwant Wariz (Founder, Ivory Group), Priyanka Kapuria (Founder, The Little Talkatives), Sanjay Kansal (Co-Founder, CallDoc), Lalit Malik (CA, Vyapar Bandhu Consulting) and Nikhil Varma (Partner, Miglani Varma & Co) The sessions were oriented towards how to develop successful business ventures by refining operations and strategies. The speakers shared their unique journey, experiences, and knowledge with more than 90 young entrepreneurs representing 28 teams. The first session covered various topics related to marketing and vital tools that can be used to scale up business endeavours, including developing a marketing strategy, using Canva to create content, creating a WhatsApp broadcast list, and learning how to run simple ads for leads and social media engagement. The personal brand image session mentored the teams through pitching their business ideas using Ethos, Pathos, and Logos techniques. The business ethics session largely focused on ethical values and the main ethical pillars, which are the central tenets of any startup. The law session focused primarily on legal compliances, non-disclosure agreements, vendor agreements and employment contract, which are typically required by any entrepreneur. The day concluded with a Q&A session with a CA on how to form a company. The speaker guided teams in identifying which type of business entity would be best for them and the documents required for company formation.