Bootcamp for Class XI Business Blaster teams

DIICE organised a 2-day boot camp for its Business Blaster Incubatees at the Dwarka campus. The camp held a series of learning-oriented sessions to guide young entrepreneurs in developing their ideas into successful business ventures. The workshops were led by entrepreneurs and working professionals, including Rohit Chawla (Founder and CEO of Bare Anatomy), Syed Saood Ahmed (Founder Mass Climb), Vinay Chaddha (CTO GVIC Systems), Bharti Singhla (Founder & COO Chakr Innovation), Vivek Chopra (Founder Mission Control India), Priyanka Kapuria, (Founder, The Little Talkatives), and Lalit Malik (CA, Vyapar Bandhu Consulting). The sessions on the first day focused on marketing, mentoring, interaction with a young entrepreneur, and an executive coach. The sessions on the second day focused on finance, personal branding development, and company formation. The marketing session covered the fundamentals of marketing; how to think of target customers, establish a brand and position a product; and digital and social media strategies. Bharti Singhla focused on her personal journey and how she overcame the challenges she faced as an entrepreneur. The day concluded with a lighthearted session where teams received coaching on how to be efficient, productive, focused, and clear. The second day of the boot camp began with finance sessions that focused on the fundamentals of financial accounting, creating a business plan, and understanding costs, revenues, and cash flows. The session on personal brand development brimmed with energy in which teams worked on their elevator pitch using Ethos, Pathos, and Logos techniques. The day concluded with a session on company formation, including legal issues such as types of business entities, trademark, copyright, and patent.